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Principal's latest letter to parents

13th May 2019

Dear Parent / Carer,

Best wishes to all of our students in their Year 11 GCSE examinations

The Year 11 GCSE examinations commence this week and I want to wish all students, parents and carers the best. This can be quite a stressful time but I encourage everyone to embrace the challenge. The students are very well prepared and we must work together to allow the students to remain relaxed, calm and confident. Self-belief is vital to positive examination performance, we as the adults, must promote positivity and secure confidence in our students.

Limited vehicle access to the school site during school hours

I have noticed an increase in traffic within our school grounds during the school day over recent weeks and I intend to try and reduce the flow. In the interests of student safety I would like to try and reduce the number of cars that enter the site during the school day as there are periods when children are moving between the Sports Hall and the Wellbeing Centre. Where possible please can I encourage you to park on Gillroyd Lane and walk into school if you have an appointment or similar.

Year 7 appeals this week for student admission

I am excited to hold several student appeals from parents / carers of Year 6 students that haven’t been allocated a place to start with us in September due to being over-subscribed. These will be heard this week; it is exciting to be full and to have families who are so keen to join our community that they are prepared to appeal for a place.

School improvement plan 2019-2020

I am presently working with my Senior Leadership Team to identify our school priorities for the forthcoming year. We have made some fabulous progress in many areas but remain relentless in our mission to improve so that our students and staff have the best chances of being successful. We are due an OFSTED inspection which will identify key areas for focus, but I am confident that I understand our school and local community well and believe our priorities will be based on what our students within our local community require at this present period of time. Strengthening leadership across the school is essential to maintain our rate of progress and this will be a key focus. In addition, ensuring the curriculum meets the needs of our students and our community, plus improving a culture of reading are both areas that we are discussing in detail. Our school RITA values (Respect, Integrity, Teamwork and Aspiration) are integral to the ethos of our school. I am proud of the ethos across our school, but I also want to ensure these values underpin everything that everyone does, and again, ask for your support in promoting these outside of our school and within our community.

Wellbeing and Mental Health

This is also a vital area of focus for me.  We have an excellent Wellbeing Centre with incredible staff and excellent student support provision, but the demand is ever increasing. The impact of social media and similar is having a huge impact on many students. As proud as I am of our school, mental health is an ever growing challenge but one that we will prioritise.  Please be vigilant, and don’t hesitate to contact school if you have any concerns or ideas to help and support.

Approaching my 2 year anniversary

Our school has progressed rapidly over this period, but now is the time to ‘kick on’ again.  I believe we are only just starting to bare the fruit of our last two years’ efforts. This is a pivotal point in the improvement journey of our school. Like a huge ship, we are making headway, but now is the time to accelerate to fulfil our huge potential. This is ‘recruitment’ season in teaching where teaching staff decide whether to seek new challenges for September 2019. We are presently recruiting well and I have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback received from successful and unsuccessful candidates after visiting our school. Student behaviour and attitude has massively improved over this period, the quality of teaching has improved significantly, the school is calm and safe and we are full for new year 7.  Colne Valley High School is a fabulous place to work and study, I am very proud to lead our school in the heart of the community, thank you for your continuing support.

As always, I encourage you to make contact with the school if you require any assistance because, together we are stronger!

Yours sincerely,

Mr J. Christian