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Principal's latest letter to parents

6th June 2019

Dear Parent/Carer

The ‘Sleeping Giant ‘is wide awake

I hope you have had a restful half term.  I am genuinely excited to return; I am joined by two new members to my Senior Leadership Team who both bring a different skill set to an already strong and improving team.  We have a further day of appeals for children who were unfortunate not to be allocated a place in our Year 7 for September 2019.  It is an exciting time for the school.  In football terms, Colne Valley High School has been a ‘Sleeping Giant’, I believe this giant is now wide awake and starting to stride from strength to strength.

Introduction of Construction and the timetable rollover

We roll the timetable over next Monday, 10th June, and this is when all students move into the next year group. The main rationale for this is to allow the new Year 10 students a few weeks longer to study their chosen subjects and curriculum whilst ensuring the transition for our new Year 7 students is as effective as possible.  I am particularly excited to be introducing Construction into our curriculum at Year 10 initially.  This option will be hugely beneficial to numerous students and to local employers.  Our Careers Team have been successful in supporting students to access related apprenticeships and have built strong relationships with construction based businesses within our local area.  I want to help our local businesses by making our students more employable and better equipped to be able to ‘add value’ to our community.  The introduction of Construction is part of the plan to contribute to the success of the ‘Colne Valley’, where there is so much industry and thriving businesses.  I believe our wonderful students should be prepared to be part of the development of our community.

Uniform Exchange

Colne Valley High School is proud to support the Uniform Exchange.  Uniform Exchange is a Kirklees based charity, set up to supply local families with free, good quality, recycled uniform.  Uniform Exchange aims to encourage the people of Kirklees to recycle and donate old school uniform items rather than disposing of them.  From the 10th June until the 24th June, we will have a collection point in the school reception.  All uniform items and PE kit will be gratefully received including those with school logos.  Damaged items, beyond repair will be passed onto Oxfam for recycling, so that nothing goes to landfill.  We hope you are able to support us to help our community.

Support from Parents/Carers and the local community

I am delighted that our student numbers have increased significantly.  We are in a strong position at the moment and accelerating at a pace.  As the student numbers increase we do require additional support and I want to re-iterate that help from people connected to our school is always greatly appreciated.  We have numerous people helping support students with: work experience, mock interviews and enrichment activities including attending business breakfasts.  In addition, we have a strong Governing Board.  Many parents/carers contact the school to offer suggestions to help improve these areas and your support is always welcomed, as together we are genuinely stronger.  We have had volunteers to help in various departments, we have school representatives attending community activities and we employ several parents and carers within the school in various capacities.  There are often opportunities, both voluntary and paid to help support the school to continue to improve.  Please contact my PA, Mrs. Lunn on if you are interested in helping this ‘Giant’ become more successful.  The more links the school has with the community, the stronger the ‘Colne Valley’ becomes.  As always, I encourage you to make contact with the school if you require any assistance, and thank you for your support.

 Yours sincerely

 J. Christian, Principal